Jhanjar – Trending Latest Punjabi beat by Karan Aujla Desi Crew


Jhanjar – trending latest Punjabi beat by Karan Aujla Desi Crew: Again, a Punjabi revolution in the music industry with Karan Aulja, Don’t Look and Chitta Kurta fame. Very recently, he released his new music video with the name of ‘Jhanjar’. The video is made under the tag of Desi Crew. They have worked with performers such as Jovan Dhillon, Gurneet Dosanjh, and Dilpreet Dhillon, to name a few.

The multi-talented lyricist, singer, and Punjabi rapper stars in this music video Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh, directed the music video while Sameer Charegaonkar gave the video mixing support. Sandeep Rehaan of Rehaan Records produced the song. This Punjabi single captivates the audience with its strong and crafty lyrics combined with a modern beat and setting.

Music for the new genre

The latest Punjabi song Jhanjar shows the entire mix of such broad-based music prodigies. The song name means “Payal” or “anklet.” This composition is about a man (Karan) who knows that his partner is cheating on him with someone else. Incredibly sexy, Aveera Singh plays the role of the female lead. Ricky Aulakh, with a fantastic hairdo, plays the boyfriend.

The Plot

Karan becomes sad with the absence of the smart anklet. The audio-video goes in tandem as the pain of Karan is felt with a sad face. Resonance in the lyrics and beat of the song pays justice to the pain. The lyrics incite the flames of disappointment on the fact that after all the infidelity, the girl still roams around playing the aloof card. The video portrays the meaning of these lyrics, showing Karan’s pain and the girl’s meeting with her boyfriend. Also, such intense and emotional scenes bought out in the song are made light with Karan dancing in a crisp black jacket to the chorus of the song, showing his rapper side.

Throughout the song, Aveera receives a cold shoulder from Karan. However, he never reveals the truth about her. The latest production from the house of Tru Makers makes the audience feel the ultimate cathartic satisfaction. It was too late when Aveera realizes the love and value showered upon her. However, when she returns or was too late. Ultimately she pays the price for her infidelity. The beautifully shot music video, in a down to earth setting, and an oh so gorgeous “Payal” might make this Punjabi rapper a household name and a possible movie star in future Punjabi films.

Jhanjar Music to feel with the heart

Even a layman, unaware of Punjabi words, can easily understand and follow. Moreover, one can quickly expect the song to reach the top of Punjabi chartbusters. It will soon become one of the most played songs on road trips and parties. Therefore, it won’t be surprising if this also becomes one of the most well-known bhangra dance tracks in the future. Jhanjar is sure to make a ripple or two amongst the Punjabi music industry.

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