2 Trains from Kerala arrived with migrant workers in Danapur


India is on a national lockdown for a long time. On Monday, two trains from Kerala took 2309 migrant workers. The passenger train took the workers to the Danapur region.

From the starting place, the screening of the people completed. Then, they traveled to the city railway station in the sanitized buses. With the help of the railway department, they accommodated in the trains and then the journey started.

Furthermore, the railway authorities provided them with food on the journey. They did not take any charges from them. Still, some people revealed that they paid around Rs. 910 as the traveling expenses.

Md Tabraq (construction worker) borrowed money from someone to pay the ticket price. Still, they could not get financial help from the Bihar government as the officials were unable to get the bank details of the construction workers.

Special Train Services Start from the Kerala Region for Workers

Moreover, the local and railway authorities took care of the necessary things. They prepared plans for the thermal screening, sanitization, and social distancing for the workers.

India is fighting actively with the deadly COVID19 virus. All the citizens followed the lockdown rules strictly. However, the construction workers demanded to send them to their native places.

Special Train Services Start from the Kerala Region for Workers
Special Train Services Start from the Kerala Region for Workers

Then, the state government requested the central government to start the special trains for them. Many migrant workers from Kerala reached their homes safely in the Danapur city.

Sanjay Agarwal (District Commissioner) said that around ten special trains started to help the workers in the lockdown. He made the arrangement of 100 buses for the people.

Still, no money has taken from the workers. The central, state government and local administration are trying to support them. Everything stopped in India but not the livelihood of the people.

Many students reached their homes happily with the help of the government. They looked satisfied and happy with the train journey. All the students stayed in Kota for coaching.

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