A sharp spike in coronavirus cases in a single day recorded in India

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in the entire country and the situation there is not improving.


The coronavirus is showing an upward trend on an alarming rate as 4213 cases were recorded on Sunday, May 10. Before this, the highest cases were witness on May 5 as 3900 cases. The total case tally now stands at 67,152.

It is the sharpest spike in a single day in India, and it increasing fear of community outbreak, i.e., stage three of Pandemic.

Coronavirus cases in india

coronavirus cases in india
coronavirus cases in India

Total active cases stand at 44,029, which are under observation, and 20,916 have recovered from the virus. One hundred eleven foreign affairs are included in the total number of cases. The death toll has increased to 2,206 on Monday morning. The recovery rate of the swelled to 31.14 percent, and the mortality rate still hovers at 3 percent.

Epicenter of cases

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in the entire country, and the situation there is not improving. The state has recorded 22,171 cases out of which maximum are recorded in the Mumbai. The death toll in the state stands at 832. Gujarat has also emerged as one of the states that are becoming a problem as the number of cases is an increasingly alarming rate. The mortality rate is too high in the country; on the contrary, the recovery rate is meager compared to the national average.

Sigh of relief

As updated by the Union Minister of Health Dr. Harsh Vardhan, there are no coronavirus cases in the ten states and union territories in 24 hr, and the recovery rate has increased from before. This show India is moving fast in this war against coronavirus and will erase it from our country as we did in the cases of polio and smallpox.

PM Modi in Action

Prime Minister Modi is going to conduct a meeting today via video conferencing with the Chief Ministers of all the states to discuss the next stage of strategy regarding the lockdown. Financial packages and exit strategy from lockdown is going to be the agenda of the meeting.

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