Alaka House Cook shares in Kolkata her struggles in coronavirus lockdown


Alaka House Cook is facing a terrible situation due to the coronavirus lockdown in India. However, other daily wage earners are suffering from similar pain.

Alaka is from Ballygunge, Kolkata, and working as a worker in the city. However, her work suffered in the COVID19 pandemic.

She is the 46-year-old cook who did work in the houses of the Ballygunge area of West Bengal’s capital city. The workers like her guards, maids, cooks, and drivers are in the crisis.

However, they fall under the unregulated category of job employment. There is no formal agreement given by employers.

Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown Struggles: for Daily Wage Workers

Though employers either remove from their jobs or cut their salary. Most of us are working from home.

Apart from that, there are a majority of Indians like the housemaids who cannot work from them. Alaka House Cook belongs to the class of the unregulated employees.

Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown Struggles for Daily Wage Workers
Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown Struggles for Daily Wage Workers.

On the other hand, the government is providing food to needy people and daily wage people. In the Patna city, the railway official is giving food packets to them.

The state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Mumbai, is working for the wage workers of India. Moreover, in many religious places, social workers are preparing community langar for them.

Alaka House Cook & Many Domestic Workers Get Government Help 

Army officials in different Indian cities and AIIMS Delhi are giving masks and the food packets. Meanwhile, it is a positive way for government officials to help.

Now, people like Alaka house cook does not have to sleep with an empty stomach. The citizens like us are coming forward to support.

Earlier, many wage workers migrated from Delhi to the hometown in search of food. The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested the employers to give advance salary to their workers. Modi government provided pension and free cylinders for three months in the Ujjwala scheme.

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