Amazon Suspends its Deliver Services in the USA


In competition with UPS and FedEx, Amazon will suspend its delivery services in the United States. The online retailers revealed that the services stopped until June 2020.

Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal shared the report first through its sources. However, the company cannot process the order work and delivery because of the lack of staff.

The USA hit by the coronavirus disease. Around 1 lakh people are corona positive, and most of them died in the last 24 hours. Still, the condition is worse in New York City.

There are no ventilators and proper medical equipment for the patients. Therefore, Amazon halted its services and revealed it through the email.

UPS & FedEx Benefitted after Amazon delivery suspension news

The ecommerce company’s shipping facilities available in Los Angeles and other USA cities. Due to the coronavirus fear in the country, people want to stay in their homes.

Most of them want home delivery services. Though, it is not easy for the company to give the goods at their doorstep within one to two days.

UPS & FedEx Benefitted after Amazon delivery suspension news

The company officials revealed in March to hire 100K delivery and warehouse workers. After the suspension news of the delivery shipping.

The online retailer is focusing on its other core delivery operations. Though, the surge of novel coronavirus affected the people along with the business houses.

The European nation’s people, along with the United States, suffered the most. Nearly lakhs of positive cases registered, and many innocent people lost their lives.

It is the troubling situation for the developing and developed countries of the world. Within a few days, the coronavirus cases doubled in the European countries.

The business houses lost their wealth as the stock market crashed after the news. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos’s company delivery suspension news provided benefits to its competitors’ UPS and FedEx. The shares of the industry competitors rose by 2% in the share market.

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