Coronavirus Lockdown: Jalandhar Citizens Gets Himalayas View Clean Air


The Indians are facing the 21 days of the coronavirus lockdown. It has designed to fight with the deadly coronavirus disease in India. All the industries shut down.

Therefore, there is a drastic fall in the pollution levels of the different cities in the country. Some of the visible impacts include a reduction in air pollution and smog.

It happened in the several cities of Punjab like Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Both of them are the big industrial hub. The Jalandhar city residents viewed the Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalayas after many years.

Most of them clicked the pictures of the snow-capped mountains and then uploaded them on their Twitter accounts. The incident happened after the one week of the lockdown.

Air Quality Improved: 21 Day Coronavirus Lockdown India

Coronavirus lockdown is creating positive changes in society. In Jalandhar city, people are happy to the mountain ranges from the house balconies.

Meanwhile, other Indian cities witnessed the change. In Delhi, there is a reduction in the PM 2.5 levels up to 71%. It is the joyful side of the lockdown.

Furthermore, it is a sign that indicated that the earth is cleaning itself. We all are responsible for making our planet dirty.

Jalandhar Citizens Viewed Himalayas from Naked Eyes after a Generation 

Some other countries in the world like Italy faced a positive change and a decrease in the pollution levels.

The locals of the Mumbai city saw peacocks in their area. There are some birds present in our surroundings because of the fresh air. We have to maintain the right things to happen in the time of lockdown.

On the other hand, many daily wage workers are facing difficult issues. They don’t have money and food. The government is trying to give them food and some cash for their survival.

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