Devaki Bhandari Donates her savings Rs. 10 Lakh in PM Care Fund


The 60-year-old Devaki Bhandari stays in Uttarakhand. She gave away her saving around Rs. 10 Lakh Indian Rupees in the PM Care Fund. The woman did not have many expenses.

Therefore, she donated the money so that the government can arrange food and PPE kits for the doctors. Devaki is a widow lady based in the Chamoli district.

Furthermore, she works as a social worker in the city—the news about her contribution reported by the local media people.

Still, she lives alone and does not have children. She saved Rs. 10 Lakh in her job as the retirement money.

COVID19 Positive Cases in the Uttarakhand State

Ms. Bhandari lives in a small rented apartment in the area. She provides her services in the NGOs. On the other hand, she follows a simple lifestyle.

She thought her money could be useful for the government. However, she lost her husband eight years ago—Devaki Bhandari‘s spouse employed in the government department.

The Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat thanked her for the support in the severe condition in India. He respected the altruistic intention of the lady.

There are around 33 cases of coronavirus reported in the state. Among them, five people recovered from the deadly virus and went to theirs.

Devaki Bhandari received thank you reply from Uttarakhand CM on her contribution

Devaki Bhandari received thank you reply from Uttarakhand CM on her contribution 

The condition is stable in the Uttarakhand state. Furthermore, the government officials are keeping a check on the cases. In Dehradun, 18 corona positive people admitted to the hospital.

We know that India is the land of great kings remembered for their charity work. Devaki Bhandari‘s contribution set the best example in modern-day India.

The cooperation of the people can help India to win from the COVID19 virus. Meanwhile, the social groups are providing food packets with the government to the needy people.

The celebrities Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, and Deepika Padukone are helping the society.

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