Dharavi COVID19: 11 New Cases Found & Takes Tally to 71

Dharavi Slum Condition & Positive Coronavirus Patients Number 


On April 16, 2020 (Thursday), 11 new positive COVID19 cases in the Dharavi area of the Mumbai city. However, eight people lost their lives in the area.

Then, the local authorities started with the cleaning and sanitizing work in the slum area of the city. Mumbai turned out to be the first hotspot of the country.

Furthermore, the metro city has 160 COVID19 infected patients. The Bandra incident affected the lockdown conditions laid in the Maharashtra state.

Meanwhile, the new cases came out from areas like Mukund Nagar, Social Nagar and Rajiv Nagar, Sairaj Nagar, Transit Camp, and Ramji Chawl.

Kiran Dighavkar (Assistant Commissioner, G/North Ward) listed all the red zones around the Dharavi. During the screening process, 113 people identified, and 85 samples collected.

Police teams are trying to implement the lockdown in the area. In the particular areas of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is providing food items to the needy people in the city.

Dharavi Slum Condition & Positive Coronavirus Patients Number 

Dharavi Slum Condition & Positive Coronavirus Patients Number
Dharavi Slum Condition & Positive Coronavirus Patients Number

The civic body prepared the particular COVID19 hospital in the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex and the municipal school.

Additionally, the authorities prepared a 900-bed hospital to admit the new patients in the region. The slum area in the Mumbai city covers 240-hectares.

Around 850K people are living in areas with a low level of hygiene conditions. It is an issue for the administration to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Though, the slum region is among the fifth densely populated area. On average, 10 to 12 people live together in the 250 sq ft. Area, There are around 57K housing units.

Still, people can’t keep social distancing in the slum. Maharashtra, continuously fighting with the coronavirus and infected people are around 3K.

 150-200 positive cases admitted in the hospital daily. However, the migratory workers gathered in the Bandra region affected the lockdown rules.

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