Donald Trump changed tone after getting India’s help


On April 7, US President Donald Trump said in a tone of threatening India that if India does not give hydroxychloroquine medicine to the US, it could be retaliated.

Now he has said that PM Narendra Modi helped him on this issue, he is quite brilliant. While talking to Fox News, Trump spoke about the dispute with India.

He said that we are sourcing many medicines from abroad. I also spoke to PM Modi in this episode because a lot of medicine is coming from India too.

India lifts ban on the export of medicines useful in coronavirus treatment

He asked PM Modi if he would give medicines. They were fantastic. India had stopped the export of hydroxychloroquine for its needs, but they are right.

The American Food and Drug Administration identified hydroxychloroquine as a potential drug to treat the coronavirus. Around hundreds of people infected with the coronavirus tested.

Donald Trump hopes that the results of these tests will be positive. Moreover, Narendra Modi is helping all nations who asked for help.

India lifts ban on export of medicines useful in coronavirus treatment

Donald Trump seeks the medicines help from India

He provided medicines to India’s neighbors Nepal and Sri Lanka. The whole is in the troubling condition after the coronavirus pandemic.

In the situation, the World Health Organization appreciated the efforts of the Indian government. PM Modi announced the lockdown at an early stage of coronavirus in India.

Then, he lifts the ban on the essential medicines export. He and his government officials are helping all the countries who asked them for help.

Brazil and the US government is thankful to PM Modi. Trump made a personal call to the Indian PM for help and support.

Soon, our country gets test kits from America. It can speed up the testing process. Therefore, it is easy for medical officers to find out the infected people.

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