Good News for Indigo Employees: No Pay Cut in April 2020


Significant relief is for the Indigo Employees from the company management. The airline CEO announced no pay cut in the salaries of the staff in April 2020.

Furthermore, the management withdrew the orders of the earlier pay cut. All the employees are happy after getting the news. Still, the Indigo is facing losses in the lockdown period.

The government stopped the national and international flights. From April, the organization ordered 25% less pay for the top-level staff and 5%-20% salaries cut for the middle and lower-level management employees.

The Aviation industry is worst affected in the coronavirus pandemic in the world. Moreover, it is a good step taken for Indigo employees.

They don’t have to worry related to the expenses and income cycle. Other airline companies SpiceJet, GoAir, and Air India, announced a salary deduction on March 25, 2020.

Some company staff volunteered to contribute to the PM care fund from their income. It is a big step to support India in the fight with the deadly coronavirus.

Indigo Employees are happy with no salary reduction announcements: COVID19 Lockdown. 

With the donation money, the government can arrange better facilities for the patients, police officers, and the medical staff. Indian PM Modi is going his best job to tackle the COVID19 virus.

In our country, the lockdown extended by May 3, 2020. We can see some positive results in the future after the lockdown lifted.

Indigo Company & Employees trouble in lockdown
Indigo Company & Employees trouble in lockdown

Apart from that, the transport industry is facing a crisis at this time. Most of them assured their employees that they would get a timely salary and no job loss issue. During the lockdown phase, there is a negative impact on the Indian economy too.

The central government is working day and night for the betterment of the citizens. As a result, the coronavirus patients number is under control in India in comparison with the developed nations.

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