Google New Feature: To Show COVID19 Test Labs in Search Results


Google began planning to add a list of new essential features. The American company is ready to introduce COVID19 test centers in the search results.

It is easy for the people to locate the labs nearby. In the coronavirus outbreak, the search engine rolled out useful features in the past weeks.

The management’s main motive is to provide reliable information to the users in a difficult situation in the world.

Furthermore, the team talked about the latest things introduced in the search engine platform. On Google, people can easily search for accurate and reliable details.

Soon, you can get the benefit of it. Most of us are struggling with misinformation issues. A few of the internet users are uploading fake things related to the coronavirus on the internet.

According to the company, Google will show the correct location of the 2K coronavirus testing centers. In this way, the infected or suspected person can go for the test.

Apple & Google launches new features for the users’ benefit

It can detect the COVID19 positive patient within time. Meanwhile, the location benefit is for the 43 states in the United States.

Then, an international company can launch it worldwide. The USA is the most affected country in the world. As per the reports, 5 lakh people infected with corona and 30K people died. New York City is the worst hit from the deadly virus in the United States.

Google List of New Features
Google List of New Features

Still, there is a lack of medical facilities, ventilators, and other essential things in the city. Dead people cannot find a place in the place in the grave area.

Apart from that, Apple rolled a similar lab location feature. A Unique portal started by the company to show the information about the labs. The hospitals advised updating the details about the COVID19 test labs in the software.

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