IIT Kharagpur approved 8 Coronavirus related projects


IIT Kharagpur gave the green signal to all the eight projects related to coronavirus. After the lockdown relaxed, the institute team can start working on the first phase of the projects.

All the IIT teams are working hard to ease the life of the corona warriors. Recently, IIT Ropar created a WardBot device. Its use is to provide medicines and food items to the infected patient area.

WardBot includes an essential feature of sanitization. Moreover, it reduces the chances of the doctors and the medical staff getting infected with COVID19 while treating the patients.

On the other hand, the researchers are finishing the research on the PPE kits for the medical team and police officers. The team is making the diagnostic kit for the COVID19 virus.

Some of the other projects approved by the council include all-time PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) machine, suit with purified force, and cooled air circulation for the medical professionals.

It includes automated ventilators and telemedicine for the people too. India is beginning the manufacturing of the ventilators with the government organization.

IIT Kharagpur using quick technology to build projects & gets approval

In addition to this, the research regarding the coronavirus vaccine began in the guidance of the government medical departments.

IIT Kharagpur has set up the funds for the research and development projects associated with the coronavirus. Furthermore, the council received a list of 8 projects from the different colleges in India.

IIT Kharagpur College Area
IIT Kharagpur College Area.

They have approved 8 of them. Meanwhile, the people associated with the projects’ work started it from home in the lockdown.

They showed the willingness to start the first phase after May 3. Prof Virendra Kumar Tewari (Director, IIT KGP) said that the professors are building things with the students on an immediate basis.

Most of these projects completed within 3 to 4 weeks. Then, the expected results can come within six months of the period.

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