IIT Ropar designs WardBot to deliver medicines & food in hospitals


IIT Ropar and researchers started working on the projects to help the medical staff appointed in the hospitals. The dedicated team of the researchers designed the WardBot to give to the medical institutions. 

It is a free design to help the doctors and the team to deliver medicines, food in the hospitals. Moreover, the device is useful for providing essential things in coronavirus infected areas.

The medical staff is on the frontline fighting with the deadly disease. They are working day and night to save the life of the infected people.

 In India, the condition is stable as compared with other countries like the USA, Spain, and France. The states with the best medical facilities are unable to fight with the coronavirus pandemic. WardBot fitted with the sensors in it.

IIT Ropar Invents a device WardBot for food, medicines supply, and sanitizing purpose

Therefore, it can carry all the useful things to the beds of coronavirus infected patients. Ekta Singla (Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering, IIT Ropar) discussed the WardBot in her interview held on Friday.

All the staff Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, is working very hard on the project. They want to help India in the fight with the unknown virus, which affected the country. The patient’s names intimated on the LCD of the device.

IIT Ropar College Campus
IIT Ropar College Campus

Furthermore, the control room can instruct multiple bots at one time. The researchers said that it could operate from the remotely located control room area.

WardBot includes the feature of the self-sanitizing. It can be sanitizing the walls of the hospitals. Still, all members of IIT Ropar are working from home. They are looking for forwarding industrial collaboration.

The work of WardBot manufacturing can start in industrial units. In these terrible conditions, all the Indians united together. WardBot can be useful for hospitals in India in the coming days.

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