Indian and Chinese forces face-off near Naku La in Sikkim

Naku La Pass is in North Sikkim, located at the height of around 5 kilometers.


A confrontation between Indian and Chinese soldiers took place on Saturday at the Naku La sector in Sikkim. Around 150 soldiers were involved in the aggravated situation that left four Indians and seven Chinese soldiers wounded. The high voltage situation was disengaged after a dialogue.

Naku La sector has a history of confrontation, and many fierce face-offs were held in the recent past. These are mainly due to different
perception of land boundaries by both countries.

The Chief General of Indian Army MM Naravane had visited the Eastern army formation, including Panagarh, Sukna, and Binnaguri, a day before the confrontation took place.

These clashes near this sector happened before and are not single incidents. Naku La Pass is in North Sikkim, located at the height of around 5 kilometers.

In August 2017, a similar incident came into the light where the army personnel of both the nations threw stones at each other and were involved in hand to hand combat near Pangong Lake in Ladakh that is the current existing border between the countries, as agreed by the international community.

Naku La Pass is in North Sikkim, located at the height of around 5 kilometers

Naku La
Naku La

In September of 2019, a fight broke out between Indian and Chinese soldiers near Pangong Tso Lake in the eastern Ladakh area. Still, the issue was resolved through dialogue between the two militaries.

A 73-day fight in the Doklam sector between the two nations also became headlines in the media. It was from June 16, 2017, until August 28. The standoff ended when both the armies withdrew their soldiers. India has always been a supporter of peace and harmony and says that it is a prerequisite of growth and development of people and the economy.

The Doklam dispute was stalled for 73 days when Indian troops stopped Chinese troops from constructing a road near India’s ‘Chicken Neck Corridor.’ China was building away in an area which Bhutan also claims as its own.

Army said whenever there is a dispute, both the forces resolve it through dialogue as per protocol. After a long time, this tension arose between India and China in the North Sikkim area.


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