Ivanka Trump’s Personal Assistant found corona positive


Ivanka Trump’s assistant tested coronavirus positive. Her assistant is the third person who infected with the COVID19 virus.

CNN reported that the secretary was around Donald Trump’s child for many days. For two months, Ivanka is working from home, and she is not infected from the virus.

The medical team tested her and her husband, Jared Kushner. Furthermore, the reports found negative. Ms. Trump and the family are in stable condition as the coronavirus test reports are negative.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

On Friday (May 9, 2020), the person connected with the matter told the full details to the US news channel. The development in the news come when Mike Pence (Vice President) press secretary Katie Miller tested COVID19 positive.

Donald Trump praised the professionalism of Katie in the White House meeting. However, he was in shock when the press secretary reports declared positive. The superpower USA is facing a tough time due to the deadly coronavirus.

Three White House Staff, along with Ivanka Trump’s secretary, tested coronavirus positive.

New York is among the worst affected regions in the country. Coronavirus reached to the community level and around 12 lakh people infected from the virus.

Moreover, 26K infected people died. In New York City, the death rate is high. It shows the irresponsibility of the administration.

Additionally, there are many community graves made in the New York region. American lacks medical professional, medicines, and equipment. India helped the US by providing life-saving drugs.

Three White House Staff, along with Ivanka Trump's secretary, tested coronavirus positive.
Three White House Staff, along with Ivanka Trump’s secretary, tested coronavirus positive.

Trump refused to wear the mask while touring to a mask-making place located in the Arizona region. The US Vice President traveled to the Mayo clinic without wearing a mask.

However, American politicians are not following essential rules. The USA is unable to follow the lockdown rules. Ivanka Trump is safe with her family members.

Apart from that, the scientists living across the world are putting their efforts to create life-saving medicine for the coronavirus. USA group of scientists began the clinical trials, and many volunteers come up for the testing procedures. 

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