Neha Kakkar Break up With Himansh Kohli


Himansh Kohli explained the reason for the breakup with the finalist Neha Kakkar; a knowledgeable shock will surely come.

Neha Kakkar Break up With Himansh Kohli: The break of Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli had transformed the entire Bollywood industry into shock waves. Their pair was considered one of the loveliest couples in b-town. The news of their separation came to light in December 2018, leaving many fans disappointed.

It has been over one year now, but both are still talking about it. While Neha has been vocal about it and appears to be saddened by it almost every time, Himansh also maintained silence on the subject.

After so many days, the actor has broken his silence over his ugly break up. Surprisingly, everyone, Himansh, blames Neha for breaking their relationship and then crying over her. He also said that the decision to break up was taken by Neha herself and later made her the villain in front of everyone.

Neha Kakkar Break up With Himansh Kohli

Revealing details about his sudden breakup, Himansh said that many such things had happened before, but I never thought it necessary to talk about them. All I want to say is that she wanted to end the relationship. Therefore, we decided to separate from Mutual Understanding. She tried to move forward in her life, and I respected that. But in no time, the whole story took a turn. Each time she posted a post on social media, which caused me to face backlash.

Neha Kakkar Break up Reason: Revealing Himansh Kohli

Himansh was cast by Neha’s fans as a heartless boyfriend and was subjected to brutal trolling. While everyone blamed Himansh and no one came to know his side. The actor described it as the worst phase of his life, “Today things have calmed down, but yes, there was a time when the whole world was cursing me on social media. Nobody wanted to know the real story. I was crowned as a villain overnight. It was unfortunate because I was not saying anything and people were drawing their conclusions based on excluding Neha. She cried on the show, and everyone admitted that it was only my fault. I also wanted to cry, but then I decided that I would be reasonable because I am also a human being.

Himansh Kohli explained the reason for the breakup.

Sharing how he handled himself in difficult times, Himansh said, I went on vacation in London. But even after being out of India, I remained in the discussion here, Because every time she posted something, So people used to troll me. Then I started feeling like everybody started hating me. Also, I was getting confident in talking to women. After that, I started doing meditation.

Later, Himansh further said that even though he dated for about one year, he was earnest about Neha. Then, I also wanted to marry Neha. Further, he also said that he is now shattered and claimed that Neha had used him to be famous. I felt that I was utterly ruined. I was unfortunate about one thing when everyone accused me of using Neha. Four of my films had been released before when I had not met Neha, and I was earning well.

Neha Kakkar Break up Story

But ever since she came into my life. I had not done any film since I used to travel with her for her shows so that both of us could spend time together, Then people also said that I cheated on him and so things ended. Further, Himansh did not say that it was good. Neha told everyone that I had not deceived him. Now I feel something a little better. Well, now I keep putting all these things behind.

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