Nirav Modi will come back in Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai: UK Court


As per the Westminster Magistrates Court hearing, Nirav Modi has to go back to India. He accused of the loan fraud with the Punjab National Bank and other Indian banks.

Moreover, he has to move to the Arthur Road prison barrack number 12 in Mumbai city. The diamond merchant extradited to India soon. Modi involved in fraud activities.

Then, he ran to the United Kingdom. The Indian police team and ministry tried hard to locate the details of the businessman.

Helen Malcolm (Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyer) represented India in the Westminster Magistrates Court.

Nirav Modi Case Hearing in the Westminster Magistrates Court

Moreover, Nirav and Vijay Mallya will be placed in the same prison. The lawyer Malcolm started the five-day extradition trial on the forensic account. Nirav Modi bribed the witness to get the case in his favor.

Meanwhile, he attended the court hearings from the Wandsworth jail through the video link. He did the fraud with the staff members of the Punjab National Bank Mumbai branch. Claire Montgomery is his defense lawyer who started fighting the case.

Nirav Modi Case Hearing in the Westminster Magistrates Court
Nirav Modi Case Hearing in the Westminster Magistrates Court

Furthermore, the defense panel lawyer presented witness Alan Mitchell (expert) in the court hearing. However, the opposition lawyer revealed the names of the bank officials and cited the documents of Nirav’s money laundering case.

Helen told that all the nine bank staff were forcefully taken to Cairo and bribed. India submitted all the required documents on the UK court.

There are now two extradition requests from CBI and Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Nirav. Moreover, the CBI’s case related to the fraud case and the loan agreements.

The ED officials filed a case on the money laundering crime. On February 20, Priti Patel (Home Secretary) on the 1993 India-UK extradition treaty.

There are some of the additional allegations on Nirav regarding the disappearance of evidence. The UK court dismissed the 4 million pounds bail of the diamond merchant. It happened on the grounds of the danger of the proofs. 

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