Pakistan refuses to obey coronavirus ban in mosques


In Pakistan, people are openly making fun of the lockdown imposed in the nation. They have their views regarding it. Sabir Durrani offers prayers regularly in the mosque.

Many men are coming into the mosque for prayers without wearing masks on their faces—the 60% corona positive cases in our neighboring country associated with the Middle East pilgrimage travel history.

Imran Khan as the PM is unable to provide the basic needs to the people. In the POK areas, the citizens are not getting food for the family.

The Imran government does not provide sufficient funds to cope up with the coronavirus fight. Doctors working in the hospitals complained about the unavailability of the PPE kits and the N95 masks.

The disease so far infected 5.3k people and took the life of 93. It is the second most populous Muslim country in the world.

Pakistan Condition in the Coronavirus Pandemic & Religious Angle

Pakistan people believe that no disease can harm them. As they are offering prayers to god daily. Still, many news went viral on the channels regarding the resign of PM Imran.

Pakistan Condition in the Coronavirus Pandemic & Religious Angle

A person named Durrani has its own beliefs connected with the deadly virus. He thinks that viruses can infect only western people. They are not doing prayers five times in one day.

On the other hand, there is no one to help the Pakistanis in a terrible situation in their country.

The army and the central government are busy planning the terrorist attacks against India. Apart from that, a ton of funny TikTok videos created by the people of the second densely populated Muslim country.

In the meeting, one of the ministers’ of the Imran government covered his face with the N95 mask. It created a serious issue that the doctors treating the infected people could not get basic protective things.

#Pune Mass Coronavirus Testing & Mortality Rate Recorded 12%


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