PM Narendra Modi considering request from CMs to extend lockdown

PM Narendra Modi is considering the request of various states to extend the Coronavirus lockdown.


All the Chief Ministers of various states, including Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal, have requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the ongoing lockdown until the end of April. It happened during a video conference between PM Narendra Modi and the Chief Ministers.

Apart from talking about the extension, the ministers also put forward the need for financial packages as they explained their concerns regarding the economy.

PM Modi’s decision regarding the extension hasn’t come in just yet, but a spokesperson has confirmed that most states are in favor of the extension.

PM Narendra Modi
Pm Narendra Modi

During the course of the discussion, PM Modi has assured the ministers that the Centre’s decision will come in, taking into consideration the state’s demands.

KS Dhatwalia, the principal spokesperson representing the government, said in a tweet, “The Central Government is considering this request.”

Check KS Dhatwalia’s statement from video conference by PM Narendra Modi:

During his speech, the PM urged that all the leaders must work together to tackle this pandemic. He further urged everyone how there is no scope of politics during such a health emergency.

He further went on to tell the Chief Ministers that everyone’s requests will be considered and urged them to share information without hesitation. He added that he should be available 24*7 to talk to them.

Modi also appealed to the CMs to share all information without any hesitation and underlined that he is available 24/7 to talk to them, listen to their suggestions and problems, and help the states.

“During the video-conferencing on #coronavirusinindia with state CMs today, most states requested PM @narendramodi to extend the lockdown for two more weeks. The Central Government is considering this request,” KS Dhatwalia also tweeted.

The likes of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, the CMs of UP, Punjab, Telangana, among others, have all supported the extension of lockdown till April 30.

It can be recalled that during one of PM Modi’s earlier address this week, he did say that it is not possible to put an end to the lockdown all at once considering the safety of the people.

In fact, both Kejriwal and Baghel also want the ban on the inter-state road, air, and railway facilities to continue.

The decision regarding the extension continues to be awaited for now. To stop more Coronavirus cases from emerging, it only seems inevitable.

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#Punjab CM Amarinder Singh hints lockdown extension in the state


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