Pune Mass Coronavirus Testing & Mortality Rate Recorded 12%


The authorities and expert call for the mass coronavirus testing in the Pune city. There is a sudden increase in the mortality rate of 12%.

Moreover, the popular in the high tech city is 94 lakh. The medical team tested 2914 corona cases in the area until April 9, 2020. While in the Mumbai city recorded 800 COVID 19 patients.

Fifty-four deaths encountered in the region. Therefore, the mortality rate of 6%. It is time for the Pune city to test every person with corona symptoms. 

Furthermore, it is Maharashtra’s second hotspot after Mumbai. In the Uddhav Thackeray’s government advised people to move out wearing masks.

He passed out the new rule regarding the lockdown in the state. Approximately 1100 corona infected patients admitted to the hospitals.

The government and the medical team are ready to fight with the deadly virus in the state. A public health expert Dr. Abhijit Moore revealed that infection not restricted with community contact and travel history.

People with no symptoms are COVID19 patients in India. Every patient with a cough, cold, and breathing infection should be immediately tested.

Pune turned out to be Maharashtra’s second corona hotspot

Meanwhile, the PMC is sending their teams’ door to door for the testing. Those infected people assigned to the PMC clinic and then to the Naidu hospital or Sassoon hospital.

There is a check kept on the people affected by blood pressure and diabetes. Naval Kishor Ram (Pune District Collector) focused on the mass testing needs in the city.

Pune turned out to be Maharashtra's second corona hotspot

In the past days, 30-40 samples tested in the labs. Then, the frequency of the testing increased from 300-400 samples in the government and private labs.

Thirty-four new cases came out, and three fatalities reported in the region. The number of cases increasing in the Maharashtra state’s two hotspots.

Therefore, the government is planning to follow the Bhilwara model to reduce the impact of the virus in the state.

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