Seema Kushwaha: Nirbhaya’s Lawyer tells her side story


Seema Kushwaha is the lawyer of Nirbhaya (rape victim). She talked about her fight against the crime of women.

Ms. Kushwaha raised her concerns about the mentality of Indian society and the law system. It took around seven to eight years to seek justice for Nirbhaya.

All therapists hanged on March 20, 2020. The culprits’ Ram, Vinay, Mukesh, and Pawan misused the law. Still, they want to keep themselves safe from death punishment.

The lawyer Seema fought the case firmly. Nirbhaya’s parents faced extreme difficulties at that time. Kushwaha started her fight against the crime and the criminals.

Nirbhaya’s Lawyer: The Fight Just Began Against Crime

She is upset when she heard the news of the rape case of Hyderabad’s doctor. Moreover, Seema Kushwaha revealed that the opposition lawyer AP Singh used everything to save rapists.

On the last hearing, Singh went to the Supreme Court and then the Lower Courts. He tried to change the destiny of his clients. Finally, Seema did not fight back on the final hearing.

The central and governments supported her. All the Indians were with the Nirbhaya. On the other hand, she doesn’t care about the comments.

Seema Kushwaha Family & Education 

Nirbhaya got justice on March 20, 2020, after the seven years of struggle. Kushwaha received messages of many women who suffered from the pain of sexual harassment.

The molested females filed the case in the police station. However, there is no one to support them. Seema Kushwaha went to the Humans of Bombay and gave a speech over there.

Nirbhaya's Lawyer The Fight Just Began Against Crime
Nirbhaya’s Lawyer The Fight Just Began Against Crime

She shared her story that she fought from her destiny then educated. Furthermore, she was born and brought in the Uggarpur Town in Uttar Pradesh.

In her family, she treated as an unwanted child. Her aunt and grandmother were unhappy with her presence. She has three brothers and three sisters in her extended.

Seema’s teacher Jagdish Tripathi convinced her father for her higher education. Then, she became the village’s first girl to go for her higher studies. It is how the journey of Kushwaha against the system and orthodox rules started. 

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