Shahrukh Khan #JantaCurfew Support


Shahrukh Khan is supporting the Janta curfew idea of PM Narendra Modi. Yesterday, the Indian Prime Minister talked about the coronavirus disease. He advised people to stay safe in their homes. Mr. Modi requested people to maintain social distance.

Around four people lost their lives due to corona. Furthermore, there are about 195 cases positive in the country. Bollywood stars like King Khan come out and support the idea of the government.

He told the people to be in their homes on March 22 i.e., Sunday. Khan also added that we should respect the medical staff and the other cleaning staff for their support and dedication towards the duties.

SRK created a Twitter post as an awareness program. In Maharashtra only, there are 49 persons infected from COVID19. The government asked to close down all the public areas and the shooting work in the Mumbai city.

Bollywood Superstar Twitter Awareness Video COVID 19

Shahrukh is at home with family. On the other hand, his wife Gauri Khan shared some cute photos with her children. The couple is trying to give time to their kids too.

Shahrukh Khan Family

Apart from that, Ajay Devgn applauded the Indian government’s decision to fight with the deadly virus. The people need to cooperate with the medical team too.

Kartik Aaryan updated a virus post and asked the Indians to follow the government rules. At this moment, it is necessary to keep the social distancing.

Shahrukh Khan praises PM Modi’s #JantaCurfew

The whole Bollywood celebrities isolated in their houses. Meanwhile, the stars are doing some exciting activities in their free time. Shahrukh Khan is also among them who is at home.

Shahrukh Khan Twitter Post

He is making some social awareness posts through his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Moreover, the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar made a handwashing video for his followers. He revealed the importance of cleanliness. 

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