US COVID-19 cases cross 3 million mark, read details

US COVID-19 cases
US COVID-19 cases cross 3 million mark, read details

US COVID-19 cases: As per reports, coronavirus cases in the United States crossed 3 million mark on Wednesday. Despite 3 million cases, the President of the country is forcing the school administration and officials to reopen the schools. Donald Trump also threatened defiant and reluctant states to cut off funds without giving any details.

America is the worst-hit country affected by coronavirus and states including Texas, Florida, and California are affected the most. Health experts and citizens are concerned about the virus and feel schools and colleges should not re-open.

US COVID-19 cases: US COVID-19 cases stands at 3,009,611

The US witnessed the highest single-day spike of 60,021 cases and now the total number of cases stands at 3,009,611. So far 131,594 deaths have been recorded including 1,195 new fatalities.

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Trump asked authorities to reopen schools after noticing fewer deaths in the country but new infections are being recorded daily. Donald Trump took to Twitter and said countries like Germany, Denmark, and Norway reopened schools with no issues.

He also blamed the Republican party and said they want schools to remain closed for their political benefit. The President is not considering the advice of public health officials and is forcing his views on them.



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