WhatsApp announces new limit on forward messages


WhatsApp announced to limit the frequency of the forwarded messages. It is the way to curb the misinformation situation related to coronavirus in the world.

Earlier, a person can spend a forward message to five people. The company is working on the feature to verify the forward message.

In India, many innocent people lost their lives because of false information spread through social media platforms. The team is planning to roll out the limit feature in the updated versions soon.

In this way, it reduces the chances of inaccurate information spread in different communities. According to a survey, there is a 25% fall recorded in the forward message send from the users’ side.

New Features Testing to Stop False Information 

The governments and the administration across the world praised the move of the company. WhatsApp is the application owned by Facebook.

Furthermore, the company owner Mark Zuckerberg is trying to help the community in every possible way. The coronavirus crisis in the world is a severe condition to handle.

New Features Testing to Stop False Information 
New Features Testing to Stop False Inform

Still, it becomes worse when people started spreading useless information through online applications. It is a big issue for the social media website owners.

Moreover, they need to keep a check on the users regularly. In the past, India also suffered from the misinformation scandal.

There is a bundle of false messages regarding the treatment of coronavirus and medicine circulated. On the other hand, WhatsApp is testing some new features too.

WhatsApp Efforts on Community Programs to Stop COVID19 Spread

In includes the verification of the false messages and people too. These messages include a magnifying glass icon available on the chatting application.

Moreover, the new and essential feature is available only on the beta versions for Android and iOS. After the testing process gets over, it will be available on all the platforms.

WhatsApp Efforts on Community Programs to Stop COVID19 Spread
WhatsApp Efforts on Community Programs to Stop COVID19 Spread

TheFacebook owned application launched the coronavirus information hub and contributed $1 million for the fact-checking work.

India’s state and central government partnered with the team to create Covid-19 WhatsApp chatbots.

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