Karan Johar’s kids Yash and Roohi are at it again, make fun of his dancing

Karan Johar has been sharing a Lockdown with the Johars series and it features his twins Yash and Roohi along with mother Hiroo Johar.


If there is someone who has had a difficult time staying home during this lockdown, it has to be Karan Johar.

Coronavirus has forced people to stay indoors, and our celebrities are using this time to explore their different skills. While some are busy cooking, studying yoga, reading books, there is one celebrity who is using his videography and interviewing skills to bother and entertain his family.

We are talking about the most loved and controversial anchor, director, producer, actor maybe, but overall, the star of all Bollywood parties Mr. Karan Johar, who is spending time with his family at home during these 21 days of lockdown.

Karan Johar is the father of twin kids Yash Johar and Roohi Johar and is a single parent who is staying with his mom to raise his kids. The filmmaker welcomed them via surrogacy in February 2017 and celebrated their birthday on the 7th.

Karan Johar with his twins
Karan Johar with his twins

He loves to pamper his kids, and just like any other parent, he enjoys filming them too. Known for making Toodles Videos with Malaika Arora and Kiran Kher along with his other celebrity friends and colleagues.

Karan has recently started making videos again, but time, with his family members. He has named the series, ‘Lockdown with the Johar’s.’

In the recent video, we can see him asking his kids if they enjoy dancing along with him, and Roohi was prompt to reply that he is not dancing, and he is awful at dancing.

Amazed by her statement, he asked his son Yash, who seems to enjoy this discussion and was hopping around.

Check out the video shared by Karan Johar right here:

When Karan asks Roohi what he is good for, after all, Roohi adorably points at his brother, saying Yash. His kids think that he is the best with them, and well, we couldn’t agree more about this.

He has been sharing Instagram videos starring his kids and captures their take on topics like who can take away coronavirus??, how they are enjoying their high-tea, and their love for jewels.

He, along with his kids, had invaded his wardrobe and had judged his clothes and shoes, which his kids disapproved of. They also went on to say how they prefer him wearing simple clothes or in words of his son Yash, “Very Sharp Gucci.”

We can see that this trio, along with Hiroo Johar, is enjoying this time by teasing each other. Apart from his clothes, his kids also criticized him for his singing skills, his tummy, and so many other things.

Watching their banter during such difficult times sure seems to lighten our moods every single time, each with a different emotion.

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