Madari Ka Bandar New song out of Gulabo Sitabao

The fellow singer Anuj Garg also shared his views and said, "Composing Madari Ka Bandar has been special."


A song Madari Ka Bandar featuring Amitab Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana is out now. Amitab plays the role of grumpy old landlord called Mirza Sheikh owning his haveli and Ayushman, the notorious tenant who refuses to move out called Baankey Sodhi.

Fatima Mahal the beloved haveli comes in introductory seen of the song, after that we see a faceoff between Mira and Sodhi which looks the base of the film too. It is the folk song at its best sung by Tochi Raina and Anuj Garg. The lyrics credit goes to Dinesh Pant.

Madari Ka Bandar's artist views
Image Source: Variety

Ayushman shared the song on twitter with to move and groove on it and left the riddle to decode that who is the monkey in the game.

Song Is Here

The emperor of the century Big B also shared the song over social media, showed his agreement with Ayushman about the groove nature of the song, and asked the audience to enjoy the same.

Madari Ka Bandar artists views

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Tochi Rana also shared his thoughts and said, “The brilliance of Anuj Garg is that he can seamlessly blend a quintessential folk song with contemporary melodies. It was a pleasure to have sung Madari Ka Bandar alongside him for Gulabo Stobo. The lyrics are very expressive yet soothing. I am certain that the audience will be left enchanted with the song’s excellence.”

The fellow singer Anuj Garg also shared his views and said, “Composing Madari Ka Bandar has been special.”

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Versatile sensation Dinesh Pant displayed his poetic brilliance in the songs and wrote masterpieces which are in with the film essence. The song will leave you lingering to the beauty of the folk touch given by Tochi.

Amazon Prime will stream Gulabo Sitabao on June 12. The film looks promising and will surely add some colours to the lives of people.  



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