Vivek Agnihotri raises money for workers by selling paintings


Vivek Agnihotri is the film director in the Bollywood. In the past, he directed a movie named The Tashkent Files. His Hindi film did decent box office business.

In the world, people worried about the coronavirus disease. Bollywood stars isolated themselves at home. Still, India is facing a tough situation as the cases are increasing daily.

The central and the state government planned lockdown and curfew till March 31, 2020. However, all the theaters, malls, and other public places closed. The release dates of the big-budget films also shifted.

On the other hand, the daily wage workers affected by the situation. Vivek, in his home, is making paintings. Furthermore, he is trying to sell them and generate some money.

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It is a free way to help the wage workers of India. In the industry, many workers have no work. Though, his next directorial venture “The Kashmir Flies” release date canceled on the last time.

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He is aware of the fact that around 100 crew members have no work and money. Mr. Agnihotri is connecting with the NGOs and his friends to help him in the noble cause.

He has completed two paintings of work. Then, he devoted his time to the third painting work. He found the best way to use his time at home.

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Vivek Agnihotri feels that it is a positive way to help the needy people around him. Therefore, he is making good use of his time by using his creative skills.

The state governments of Delhi and West Bengal are helping the daily wage workers by providing them free and affordable food items. People like Vivek are bringing positive change in society.

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However, the Bollywood star like Kanika Kapoor affected with corona and dangered the life of many people around her. She did not disclose her travel history among the authorities and then partied.

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