9 Iftar recipes to celebrate Ramadan 2020 with family


9 Iftar recipes to celebrate Ramadan 2020: Ramadan is the holy month for the Muslim community people. According to the Muslim calendar, the Ramadan 2020 starts from April 23, 2020.

It is the month in the which the Muslims fast whole day to show their gratitude. They follow strict fasting rules. In 2020, the world is severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic—the pre-dawn called Suhoor and the fast-break meal known as Iftar.

Usually, families and friends gather together in the evening eating meal. Still, you need to follow different things in the lockdown period. In India, the government urged the Muslim community people not to come together in a mosque for the namaz.

Food Items for the Iftar Celebrations

They should stay home and pray for the betterment of the nation. They requested to follow the social distancing guidelines. You can celebrate the Suhoor and Iftar at home with your loved ones.

It is a positive message for the country and the coronavirus. We are fighting against the invisible enemy. Are you searching for yummy recipes for the Suhoor and Iftar daily? I have a list of the best dishes for you.

9 Iftar recipes to celebrate Ramadan 2020 in lockdown with family members

Dum Biryani 

It is easy to cook a yummy dish in the festival season. You can try it once too. Furthermore, you can add the different aroma spices in the Dum Biryani to make tasty. 

Falsa Sharbat

Falsa is a healthy and delicious fruit. Sharbat is the best drink for you in the summer season. It can refresh you. 

Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao is the best dish to serve in the Ramadan festival 2020. A beautifully spiced dish include carrots, lamb and resins.


It is an Arab dish. Shawrma cooked with the thin cut slices of the Chicken. 

Cheese Pocket (9 Iftar recipes to celebrate Ramadan 2020)

If you’re a cheese lover, then it is the best and mouth-watering dish for you. 

Moong Dal Kachori 

Moong Dal Kachori is the crunchy snack made from moong dal and the lip-smacking spices. 

Quick Tawa Pizza 

In the lockdown period, we are missing the yummy pizzas. All the shops closed in the country. Don’t worry; you can make the Tawa pizza at home. 

Chicken Tandoori Cutlet 

Everyone should try the Chicken Tandoori dish in the festival season. 

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Aloo Ke Kabab 

It is a desi and spicy dish. Aloo Ke Kabab includes boiled potatoes and spices. 



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