Independence Day Celebration in India


August 15 is a special day for India. It marks the Independence Day Celebration 2020 in India. The Indian citizens get the opportunity to pay respect to our freedom fighters.

Furthermore, it is a national holiday in the state, federal government and private offices of our country. India got independence from the Britishers on August 15, 1947.

Our country got freedom from the Britishers after the non-violence and the civil disobedience movements. The freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, and Rajguru supported the people.

Historic Behind India’s Freedom Movement 

Moreover, the patriotic songs broadcasted on the radio channels and government television channels on the Independence Day Celebrations in 2020.

Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, gives a speech on the Red Fort. He pledged the cleanliness campaigns in the past. All the ministers supported him too.

Patriotic films are shown on national television. It is a day when we remember the sacrifices of our leaders to get freedom for us. In schools and colleges, many competitions organized like essay writing, painting, and fancy dress competition.

Meanwhile, the state organizes cultural events. On the eve of Independence Day Celebrations 2020, the Indian President named Ram Nath Kovind gave the speech.

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73 Independence Day Celebration 2020 In Red Fort, India

The Indian Post sold the commemorative stamps that depicted the Independence movements. On the other hand, the shops sold the promotional things the national flag in the market.

Parents dressed their children like the Indian leaders. Since 2003, Google launched a doodle for Independence day India. During the celebrations, the Red Fort area declared as the no-fly zone to ensure the safety of that area.

The police forces deployed in highly populated areas of the Delhi state. No one cannot forget the painful struggle of our nationalist leaders. We need to respect the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. 

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