Independence Day Essay & Short Speech for School Children


School students write Independence Day essay and give a speech. Our country India celebrates Independence Day on August 15 every year. On this day, Britishers left India.

Our nation became free from the rule of the British people. You would be surprised to know an interesting fact about India’s freedom struggle.

Lord Mountbatten considered August 15 lucky and gave independence to our nation. Moreover, we celebrate Independence Day to remember our freedom fighters.

It is the only day when we all unite together and forget our differences. We celebrate a special day on a large scale.

Kindle Patriotism Feeling in India’s Young Generation 

Every government building in the state decorated with flowers and lights. Then, we hoist our national flag and sing the national anthem.

The student in the school gives dance performance on patriotic songs. In offices, the employees deliver speeches to tell about India’s journey to seek independence.

It is rightly said that Indian youth can change the nation. Therefore, it is the duty to serve our country in every possible way.

Kindle Patriotism Feeling in the Young Generation

Independence Day Essay Competition in School & Colleges

One of the main motives is to celebrate Independence Day is to guide our children. It is necessary to tell you about our freedom fighters to them. Moreover, students take an active interest and prepare the Independence Day essay.

Our country struggled a lot to get free from the clutches of the Britishers. They harmed India during their rule of 100 years.

Furthermore, we should take a lesson from it. We must not fall prey in the future. India is developing at a fast pace.

You see many positive things in the growth of the industries, schools, medical, and colleges. Still, corruption affected the pace of development. There is a need for young minds to bring a positive change in society.

#10 Best Independence Day Patriotic Songs


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