Ramadan 2020: Unique Practices in Ramzan around the world


Ramadan 2020 is the holy month for the Muslim community people in the world. All the devotees dedicate their month fasting, prayers to god, self-reflection, and self-reformation. They contribute to charity programs.

The muslims of different countries follow their traditions. In the Ramzan time, they fast for the day. In the morning, all the family members gather together for the sunrise meal known as Suhoor or Sehri.

During the day, one cannot drink, eat, or smoke. The fast has completed in the evening. They go for the evening prayer known as Maghrib.

After that, the Muslim people broke the fast by taking sweets and water. They arrange the post-fast meal for the community known as Iftar. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of the holy month. A grant feast organized on this day. Every country has its own set of traditions followed. 

Some Facts connected with the Ramadan 2020 Festival

Some Facts connected with the Ramadan 2020 Festival are
Some Facts connected with the Ramadan 2020 Festival are
  • In some Islamic countries, the people decorate the public squares. People believe that on the gift night of Ramzan Fatimid caliphs visited Cairo in AD 968. At that time, their way decorated with beautiful lamps. The Mosque imams decorate the mosque on the order of Fatimid. 
  • You know that Indonesia has the highest number of the Muslim population. Children play with the firecrackers in the Ramadan 2020. In the Bali and West Java areas in which the people gather, eat together, and then apologize for the mistake. It is the sort of reverse thanksgiving day. On the Dead Day celebrations, Indonesians visit the grave of the dead people. 
  • Java Island lies between Sumatra and Bali. Furthermore, the people living in these areas take a bath in the holly springs. They prepare for the fasting ritual known as Padusan. Dugderan festival marks the beginning of the Ramadan festival. 
  • At the Eid festival, the people of India and Pakistan wear new clothes. Women dress into traditional dresses and apply Heena on their hands. 
  • The countries like Malaysia and Dubai no fasting considered as a crime. Anyone break the fast before the Maghrib prayer, then the person punishment by the administration.

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