Top 5 Kissing Styles to Know on this Kiss Day


Top 5 Kissing Styles to Know on this Kiss Day

This concept may have started in western countries; however, it is popular now in India as well. With love all around in the air, why not? It is just before Valentine’s Day.

Kiss Day is the apex of romance. It basks in the glory of love. Valentine’s week is the loveliest time of the year. Consequently, all the days of this week are so exceptional.

For the ones truly and madly in love, it is the time to shower your love. Kiss Day sparks joy and communicates affection. Happiness is unexplainable.

What’s in a Kiss?

Regardless of the culture, it is an ultimate expression. After all, it is the best way to convey a commitment to the relationship. Not only does it make the bond stronger, but it also has a scientific basis. It releases stress and releases brain chemicals that make the partner feel secure in the relationship.

Be it a passionate lip-lock or warm kiss on the cheek, it always more than physical touch. A kiss is an art form. Kisses create magic.

It is the same magic that blinds the two in love. To put it differently, it is a divine spell.

Apart from the face, there are other places on the body where you can kiss. By all means, it is also welcome.

Kisses convey messages. Consider it a hint for the romance to being. However, there are several ways to kiss your partner. And, did you know each kiss has a meaning.

Let us learn more about the five predominant kisses and its meaning.

  1. Friendship kiss

Place it on the hands, head, shoulders, or cheeks. It is a gesture that symbolizes strong friendship. It is a common practice. Moreover, in many cultures, it is a form of greeting too. You never go wrong with these kisses.

  1. Subtle kiss

It reveals admiration towards your partner. These kisses are comforting and assuring. At the same time, this kiss also creates a fluttering sensation. Additionally, when you have to show your respect and gratitude, it serves the best. Do it anytime and at any part of the body.

  1. Single Lip Kiss

Sensual and spontaneous, this kiss is suggestive. As an illustration, you sandwich the partner’s lip into yours. Brief and passionate, this kiss has magic.

  1. Earlobe Kiss

This kiss gives out strong vibes. Gently nibble on the earlobes of your partner to fill the air with romance. Moreover, this kiss is seductive. Just the right time and the place are all that it needs.

  1. French kiss

Do we even need to tell you that it’s the most erotic of the kisses? Expressive and passionate, it involves tongue playing. This kiss is filled with desire. Moreover, it is sufficient enough to excite your partner.

To summarize, a kiss is a lot more than physical touch. Consider it almost like fine art. Use it as a medium to communicate affection on Kiss Day.

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