World Emoji Day: Everything you need to know

World Emoji Day
World Emoji Day: Everything you need to know

World Emoji Day: World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on July 17th. As we all know emoticons have made our life easier as people use digital icons to express their feelings. If a person doesn’t understand how to express or is too lazy to type, sending an emoji is the best option. Many expressions can be conveyed with just a tap of your finger.
On this special occasion, know more about the history and significance of World Emoji Day.

Today, in the era of 21st-century people and especially youth are more into social media where people do not use words but emojis of anger, love, happiness, joy, playfulness, laughter, shock, disgust, and others. Apart from emotions, emoticons also include activities, plants, animals, and other stuff. These little icons are upgraded every year to make life easier for consumers.

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World Emoji Day History and Significance

It should be noted that World Emoji Day was founded by Jeremy Burge and it is officially added to the iPhone calendar. Jeremy is also known for creating Emojipedia. People celebrate this day from the year 2014 and every year World Emoji Day is trending on Twitter. On this day, Apple introduces new digital icons every year.

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The first emoticon was created in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita but the emoji’s gained popularity in 2010 after people started using them. The word emoji is also a Japanese word in which e means picture and moji means character. The use of these icons became most popular in pop culture. Today, emoji’s are a part of daily to day life. Currently, there are thousands of emoticons in the digital world that are used by people.



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