World Environment Day

The United Nations started efforts to spread consciousness about the world environment in 1972 itself. The first "World Environment Day" was observed on 5 June 1974.


The United Nations started efforts to spread consciousness about the world environment in 1972 itself. The first “World Environment Day” was observed on 5 June 1974. Why we should protect the atmosphere of the whole world is the purpose of celebrating this day.

At present, more than 143 countries celebrate this day every year. The 46th “World Environment Day” was celebrated on 5 June in 2020.

On the occasion of “World Environment Day,” many types of programs are organized. In schools, colleges, plantations, or planting, it’s done. To protect the environment, programs like seminars, essays, debate competitions, paintings, workshops are organized.

On this day, World Environment Day, our principals, teachers, and elders also tell us ways to protect the environment. What problems will arise from ignoring the background the next time are also discussed. How the situation has come into crisis due to human intervention today is also considered.

At present, the environment is very threatened by water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution. Plastic is being used very much today. It has caused many problems—that why we made World Environment Day.

Plastic refining is an enemy and costly task, plastic is slowly being shut down in India. Plastic has been banned in Uttar Pradesh from 15 July 2018. Apart from this, the use of plastic has also been prohibited in the states of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Sikkim. Around 8 million tonnes of waste goes to the sea every year worldwide.

Rivers of India are very polluted today. Ganga, Gomti, Yamuna, Kaveri, Brahmaputra have been the most polluted. Today, thousands of factories waste, contaminated water, chemical waste materials are being dumped indiscriminately in rivers.

Not only this, but people are also immersing feces and urine on the banks of the river, bathing animals, washing clothes, and polluting the rivers. In this way, we are responsible for pollution. We all must protect the waterways. No civilization can survive without water.

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We are all surrounded by the environment. Trees, earth, land, mountains, mountains, rivers, soil, everything is part of the situation. We all have a moral duty to protect the planet and environment in which we live. Do not let it get contaminated.

But it is a matter of great sadness that today man has become so selfish that no one is paying attention to the environment. Today, we are cutting trees indiscriminately to make maximum profit, exploiting factory groundwater more and more, due to India’s growing population, the exploitation of groundwater has increased a lot.

Why it is Important to celebrate and guide people for World Environment Day
Image Source: The Indian Express

Why it is Important to celebrate and guide people for World Environment Day

The glaciers are melting. Many species are going extinct. Due to climate change, natural disasters like floods, storms, droughts, tsunamis, epidemics have arisen. Humans are responsible for all these problems. The purpose of celebrating “World Environment Day” is that we should see our work. Take the necessary steps to save your environment.

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The question before us is how we will protect the environment. In today’s age, by going digital, working paperless, we can save paper. If the article is left, trees will be cut short. We should stop using plastic immediately. To make purchases from the market, we should use a cloth bag and bag.

Today, all the farmers are using pesticides and chemical medicines to produce more crops in the fields. The land is becoming barren by this. Such plants, vegetables, and fruits are also harmful to health. Therefore, all farmers should use indigenous techniques, indigenous medicines, and organic manure.

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When you go to any city like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Kanpur, you can see big mountains of garbage and garbage. The government is being unable to dispose of the trash. Now the time has come not to take anything from nature but to return something to it. So far, man has only taken from life. A little work has been done in the name of giving him something.

On average, every urban person suffers from some disease. In 2017-18, the capital of India increased so much pollution that it became severe for people to breathe. Every Delhiite is now forced to apply masks

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