World Red Cross Day 2020 Date & Theme


World Red Cross Day 2020 observed on May 8, 2020. The day celebrated in honor of Henry Dunant (Founder, International Red Cross Crescent Motion)

World Red Cross day celebrated annually to promote humanitarian activities in society. Furthermore, all the social activities carried out in the guidance World Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Nationwide Societies.

The day focuses on remembering the sacrifice of the armed people. There are seven essential rules of the World Red Cross Society include Humanity, independence, neutrality, voluntary, universality, and unity. 

History: World Red Cross Day

After World War I, the Red Cross Society formed to maintain peace and harmony in the society. All the rules and regulations created during the 15th Worldwide Convention.

History World Red Cross Day
History World Red Cross Day

Then, in the Tokyo convention meeting, the members accepted the rules. The proposal to celebrate the Red Cross Day finalized on May 8, 1948. Formerly, it named the Red Crescent Day/World Red Cross Day. 

Significance: International Red Crescent Day

The main focus of the World Red Cross Day 2020 is arranged blood for the patients. Furthermore, the volunteers inspire the people in different ways for blood donation.

Red Cross helps in the emergency, refugee companies, and social well being. The social organization’s main objective is to guard the persons in armed battle.

Additionally, it promotes self-awareness and youth empowerment. The team prepares plans and strategies that are important for the survival of human beings. 

World Red Cross Day 2020 & Past Years Themes 

World Red Cross Day 2020 & Past Years Themes
World Red Cross Day 2020 & Past Years Themes
  • 2009 Theme: Change within the Local weather, and it causes on the Human’s, which serves as an At this time’s Solferino.
  • 2010 Theme: Metropolis.
  • 2011 Theme: Seek for the Volunteer, which is inside you.
  • 2012 Theme: Transfer of the Youth.
  • 2013 Theme: Be Collectively for the rationale of Humanity.
  • 2014 Theme: Get Collectively for everybody individuals.
  • 2015 Theme: Get Collectively for the aim of Humanity.
  • 2016 Theme: All over the place for Each individual.
  • 2017 Theme – Much less Recognized Red Cross Tales.
  • 2018 Theme: Memorable smiles from worldwide.
  • 2019 Theme: Love. 

In 2020, the events regarding the World Red Cross organized online. We are not allowed in the groups to celebrate the day in the coronavirus outbreak.

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