Australia’s Joe Burns can’t wait to get out on cricket field

Joe Burns calls it a silver lining that players have been forced to stay away from the game for such a long time


Australia cricketer Joe Burns said that there was a time when cricketers wanted some time off from the game, but now they can’t wait to get out on the field and play with their teammates. He also said that he wants the Australia-India match to happen soon so that his career could get a boost.

The Aussie top-order batsman said that he is keeping an eye on the series, which was held in this month last year so that he can stabilize his international career. India is planning to scheduled four Tests in Australia in December-January, but it is doubtful due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Calling it a silver lining, Joe Burns said that it had been one of the longest off-season ever, and players have been forced to stay away from the game for the longest time.

“This enforced layoff provides the opportunity to get yourself right, reset and start preparing physically for next summer,” Joe Burns said, adding that “From the physical perspective, it gives the opportunity for us to be in a strong position. I think that’s the silver lining.”

Missing being on the field, Joe Burns said he can’t wait to get out there on the cricket field and run around with mates, getting stuck into training and playing games.

Joe Burns wants to play with India to boost career

Joe Burns
Joe Burns

Talking about playing with India, Joe Burns said, “You look at the world ranking, they (India) were number one, and now we have got to number one, so I know that series will be like a war… and as a player, this is a sort of series you want to play in and do well in.”

“(India captain Virat) Kohli’s boys are world-class players. I think the two teams going at each other will be very good to watch,” the Aussie cricketer added.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Cricket Australia is under a financial crisis and has gone on a cost-cutting scheme. It included standing down 80 percent of its staff at a 20 percent salary.

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