Chappell: it is ideal experiment time in cricket sport


Chappell feels that the fans want to see the excellent cricket matches in the future. However, salvia and sweat considered dangerous in the coronavirus outbreak.

The former Aussie captain Ian Chappell bowl-tampering should be allowed to some extent. Moreover, he wants the fans to see the real cricket form in the coming days.

All the cricket matches stopped in the world due to the Coronavirus. Now, ball-tampering is a hot topic these days. Ian suggested all the international players prepare the list of the things that can help in ball swing in the match.

According to the administrators, some methods connected with ball-tampering are illegal. Meanwhile, cricket is on hold for a long time.

In Coronavirus, cricket gets its new direction for future matches: Chappell.

It is the best time for the players to work hard on fitness and exercise. Chappell realized that using salvia on the ball is not ideal in the future.

Some bowlers use different things like bottle tops, trouser zippers, and jelly on the ball. They follow these things for the ball shine and swing during the cricket matches.

During the Australia and South Africa’s Cape Town test match 2018, Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft accused of the ball-tampering case.

These three cricketers used sandpaper for the ball-tampering. According to Ian, the administration team can make a change in the LBW rules.

In Coronavirus, cricket gets its new direction for future matches Chappell.
In Coronavirus, cricket gets its new direction for future matches, Chappell.

The priority of the International Cricket Board is to maintain the balance between the ball and bat. However, the new laws can bring some uncertainties in the game.

It is interesting to see the test match rules when the lockdown lifted. For the cricket board, the health and security of the players in the topmost priority.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Olympics organized in Japan postponed for one the year 2021. In the coronavirus outbreak, the matches canceled, and then the authorities are facing huge losses. Spain announced to start its football league matches in the coming days. 

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