IPL 2020 to postpone? Here is what BCCI president Ganguly has to say

IPL 2020 might be a question in the minds of many sports enthusiasts but turns out, there is very little to do about it.


IPL 2020 was supposed to be one of the highlights of the year; however, as it turns out, chances are there might be no IPL after all. Coronavirus crisis has put a halt on everything, and sports are no less either.

The Indian Premier League 2020 (IPL 2020) has been hanging in the middle of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis for a while now. A decision on if or not IPL 2020 will happen at all continues to be a question mark.

In a recent interview, BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly spoke about what is in store for IPL 2020. This is going to be the thirteenth edition of the league and was due on March 29. However, the Coronavirus lockdown resulted in the league’s suspension until April 15.

Check out the official update on IPL 2020 here:

The lockdown has now been extended up until the end of this month, and that leaves us with no clarity on the IPL 2020 situation. Since the situation does not seem to get any better, it seems unlikely that another suspension will come in.

Today morning, Coronavirus cases in India reached over 8000, with a total of 250 plus deaths. The first Coronavirus lockdown was to be lifted on April 14. However, it has now been extended. But will IPL 2020 happen at all?

There hasn’t been an official statement from BCCI regarding the fate of IPL 2020, but if we go by what Ganguly said, chances of it being postponed are high.

IPL 2019 Winners
IPL 2019 Winners

During a recent interaction, Sourav revealed that there is nothing that can be said but added that the developments are under study as of now. He added that nothing is likely to be normal anytime before the mid of May, asking everyone to ‘Forget IPL 2020.’

While talking to The New Indian Express, he questioned what is there to say anyway, highlighting how everything is shut, people are at home, and nobody can head out.

He further laid out a question regarding players and their travels. He stated that it is common sense at the moment and how nothing is going to favor any sport across the world, forget IPL 2020.

If we had to make something of what Sourav said about IPL 2020, it is only the fact that we shouldn’t have our hopes high on it. The world is currently suffering, dealing from a crisis that nobody knows when we will come out of.

Once things settle down, the monsoons are going to pose another concern. If the game is postponed until June, it might as well lead to its cancellation all together given the weather conditions in India.

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