Italian Woman gives social distancing message by playing tennis on rooftops


The Italian Woman gives an inspiring message in the outbreak of COVID19. Furthermore, the two junior tennis players in Liguria use their creativity to play tennis.

Both of them gathered on the rooftops played tennis over there. Still, the tennis calendar coming to the grinding halt in the coronavirus pandemic.

The Italian players completed the tennis practice on the rooftops of the houses. It is a unique way to keep themselves at home.

They took tennis to another level in the lockdown people. Italy is among the worst affected place with the COVID19 virus in the world.

Furthermore, around 1 lakh infected with the deadly disease, and most of them died while battling with the corona.

All the superpower countries like Italy, the USA, Spain, and France are battling with the corona. They lack the medical resources in the nations.

Meanwhile, the ATP Tour website posted the tennis match video of the Italian Woman on the social media platforms.

Italian Woman Tennis Match Viral Video Trending

People applauded their creativity, and the video gained millions of likes and messages on it. In the lockdown time, these two junior players are using the time while practicing.

They expect that tennis tournaments can start soon. Therefore, the two girls need to be ready to win the competitions in the court.

Italian Woman Tennis Match Viral Video Trending
Italian Woman Tennis Match Viral Video Trending

In addition to this, they are keeping a secret check on the social distancing too. Several well-known celebrities admired and then shared the viral video on the internet platforms.

Rex Chapman (Former NBA Player) called it an incredible thing. He did an interesting tweet on the video too. The legendary Swiss player launched his volleyball challenge online.

Soon, the female tennis star Serena Williams took the challenge too. Earlier, the Leander Paes pan challenge is also accessible on Twitter. He gained many viewers on the fantastic video posted.

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