La Liga restarts in June 2020, players screening start soon


Spain government relaxed the lockdown rules in the country. La Liga league restarts in June 2020. Moreover, the players started the training period for the league.

The health departments also began screening for the team players. Spanish league can start, and the players can return to the field after a long time.

Still, Spain is among the worst affected regions with coronavirus. Spanish players COVID19 testing after the government lifted the lockdown rules.

Furthermore, the training facilities properly prepared and sanitized by the administrators. It is a positive sign as life is returning to the average pace.

Javier Tebas (Spanish League President) revealed all the essential details in his interview. People’s health is necessary for them. The football league begins in June 2020, and then it ends as the European seasons’ finishes.

Moreover, the management is keeping care of the protocols prepared by the associations. Initial training can begin within two weeks. All the club employees, players, and coaches are soon going to involve in the training procedure.

The La Liga league wants to do the training within a month. Within two days, the authorities can do the testing of all the people.

Spanish League La Liga starts soon, and the players can begin the formal training

 The associated press released the details. There is a four-stage plan of the teams that include individual training, fitness, and hygiene. Players can come together in small groups.

Some of the cleaning protocols inspected in the guidance of local authorities. The Spanish government is checking on the safety of the players and the police.

Most of the European nations have trapped in the coronavirus pandemic. A few of the sports authorities are starting in the coming day.

Spanish League La Liga starts soon, and the players can begin the formal training
Spanish League La Liga starts soon, and the players can begin the formal training

It is a positive side as life is coming at a reasonable pace in the European continent. Meanwhile, the team players must wear gloves and masks while playing in the pitch.

Medical Staff and the first-division clubs dedicated their time to making the protocol for the players.

Teams of Germany, Italy, and England are ready to start the training in one week. Still, last week the French League canceled by the authorities.

The Spanish league faced $1 Billion losses as all the matches canceled. Furthermore, the management is ready with the plan to begin the league matches.

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