MS Dhoni mows his lawn giving a glimpse of his bike collection

MS Dhoni seems to be busy mowing the lawn but our attention is on his collection of bikes on the preview.


Coronavirus lockdown has in fact left everyone stuck to their homes including sports celebrities like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and others. However, there happens to be not enough to entertain ourselves. Everyone has been taking this time to ensure they spend maximum time with their families while staying home and also taking to various household chores.

All celebrities have taken this time out to give their fans an insight into what have they been u to and it sure has been entertaining enough. Social media is a happy space right now to look at because everyone is making the most of this time.

And so, we came across a photo of former Indian skipper MS Dhoni who seems to be busy mowing the lawn. While this is definitely a sight to behold for we seldom get to see a lot of him from home, many have taken notice of his collection of bikes in the background.

Check out MS Dhoni’s little girl’s video here:

The photo is just about perfect and seems to be all things scenic with the blue skies, the bikes, Dhoni himself, and all the greenery. It did not take fans a lot of time to go gushing over this photo of his and we can’t agree more. He has always made everyone go gaga over him and today happens to be no different.

This was the time when we would be watching the Indian Premier League for this year, however, the Coronavirus pandemic has lead to its delay. And so, everyone is homebound, and we can only watch our favourites on social media, from afar.

MS Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings
MS Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings

Apart from MS Dhoni, another sportsperson who has constantly been in the public eye is current Indian team skipper, Virat Kohli. He has been sharing updates from their time in quarantine and photos of him and Anushka Sharma continue to be a treat to watch.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni is not someone who is very active on social media so we seldom get to see a lot of him. However, his wife, Sakshi, keeps on sharing updates on her account and it has always been a source of photos and videos.

The best part about Sakshi’s social media is all the fun doses of their little daughter Ziva that we get, and it seems never to be enough. She recently shared one video of hers, and that has everyone gushing over the little girl and how.

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