R Ashwin credits former Indian cricketer for shaping his skills


R Ashwin said that Raman (Head Coach, Indian Women Cricket Team) guided him in improving the bowling skills. As an off-spinner, he learned different tricks and tips to shape his expertise in the match.

Furthermore, he received accuracy and precision as a spinner in the test matches. Ashwin felt that WV Raman positively influenced his game.

The Former Cricketer has known for his straight forward behaviour and discipline. He trained him to throw the ball accurately shoulder above the stumps. Ashwin shared his experiences with Sanjay Manjrekar in an interview with ESPN.

Soon, he started playing first-class cricket after completing the training process. R Ashwin is happy with his performance in the T-20 and the Test Cricket Matches. However, he is not supporting the 4-day match format.

He thinks that the job of the spinner in the test match begins on the fifth day in the game. Moreover, he likes to do experiments with the new ball during the tournaments.

R Ashwin Career Timeline, Stats & Success Story 

One of his strengths includes the reverse swing with the hardball. In the early 2 to 3 overs in the game, he throws the arm ball to the batsman.

Therefore, it forces the batsman to play risky shots. Sometimes, the situation is beneficial for the bowlers to get the wicket. Ashwin makes the use the middle finger than the index finger while playing with the new ball.

R Ashwin Career Timeline, Stats & Success Story 
R Ashwin Career Timeline, Stats & Success Story 

As the ball gets old, he tries and gets it over the top. He knows all the tricks of getting a wicket. He credited Raman for his straightforwardness in the game.

The Women Cricket Team Head Coach continuously focuses on the development of the player. Though, all the sports events in the world stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the players are spending quality in the home training sessions. 

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